How to Vote with Your Wallet for the Environment

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Within my lifetime, the conversation around the climate crisis has shifted dramatically. After years of corporate greenwashing and placing the responsibility of environmental degradation on the consumer, people are beginning to recognize that we need large-scale, federal policy to ensure the future of our planet. 


Current Sustainability Efforts Aren’t Enough

Individual actions are a great start, but not enough to combat ecological disaster. Recycling, which was promoted by the plastic industry, is ineffective. Less than 10% of plastic ever gets recycled. The idea of understanding your personal carbon footprint was popularized by British Petroleum, the second-largest non-state-owned oil company in the world.

Corporate greenwashing refers to a company’s practice of engaging in seemingly environmentally-conscious work without actually promoting sustainability. Greenwashing poses a real threat to the environment. By misleading consumers, people may inadvertently damage the environment they thought they were helping

In addition, by placing the burden of sustainability on the individual, corporations can avoid accountability for their own environmental abuses. Using the court of public opinion, corporations engaged in environmental exploitation can demonize consumers who don’t recycle or use straws rather than condemn the plastic industry. 


Building a Sustainable Future Together

All of this is not to say that we, as individuals, are powerless in the fight for the environment. Using our democratic and fiscal votes, we must support radical climate justice to ensure the best possible future for our children. However, we must be wary of how we wield our political power. 

Supporting corporate greenwashing and individualism will not secure the sustainable future we need. Instead, we must demand climate justice from our political leadership and use our dollars to support truly sustainable solutions as much as we can. 

We also want to ensure that our financial future is not funding an unsustainable future. By collectively divesting from companies promoting the use of fossil fuels, creating nuclear waste, and destroying natural resources, we can send a message that we will not be silent while corporations drive the environmental future of our planet. We will take a stand for real climate justice with every chance we get. 

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