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We do things differently.

We started Invested Interests because we believe our values should be reflected in everything we do, including our investments. That’s why we work with you to build a personalized portfolio that matches both your financial goals and your values.

By offering radical transparency, low costs, and unrivaled customization, we make it possible for you to do good AND do well.

Our Portfolios

We've created four portfolios of well-known, publicly-traded
companies focused on the following values and poised for growth in their industries.


Go green by investing in environmental and sustainability efforts. Think alternative energy, companies investing in climate change, and avoiding fossil fuels.
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Promote peace, invest in conflict resolution, and avoid armed conflicts. Think avoiding regions of conflict and gun manufacturers.
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Equality & Diversity

Support gender and racial diversity. Invest in companies that embrace diversity initiatives, have women on corporate boards, and support the #MeToo movement.
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Human Rights

Investing in companies promoting human rights and equality globally. Think Sudan Darfur and avoiding sweatshops.
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Impact Investing: It’s not just the right thing to do.
It’s the smart thing to do.

We believe good investments and good companies are not exclusive of one another. They go hand-in-hand.
Research shows that social responsibility funds have done better in the last 20 years than traditional investment funds.


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