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At Invested Interests, our experienced team will help you invest in companies that stand to grow based on important environmental and social issues

You’ll have access to over 400 mutual funds with companies solving the world’s biggest problems


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Our clients, like you, are looking for experienced advisors and access to the best environmentally sound investments. A knowledgeable team, the best mutual funds and amazing clients are what sets us apart.

Invested Interests

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We help you open your new account and transfer your old ones.


Our team will build your perfect portfolio.


Watch your investments grow while supporting environmentally and socially responsible companies.

(social index)


S&P 500​​







% return



Impact Investing is not only the right thing to do, it's the smart thing to do.

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Invested Interest
  • I highly recommend working with Invested Interests for your investments needs. They’re very knowledgeable, professional, and really helpful…

    Christen Cook

  • I rolled over a 401k to Invested Interests about a year ago after spending months looking for an advisor that would help me invest in socially responsible investments. I am very happy I did…

    Michael Anderson

  • Brandon and his team have been excellent to work with. The portfolio they constructed was selected well (I am in environmentally sound investments) and have performed to my expectations. I exclusively communicate with them electronically via text/calls/email/zoom and it has worked great because they respond within hours.

    Timothy Lee

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Invested Interests


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Who we are

Invested Interests

Brandon Small

CEO. Invested Interests

We started the company we wanted to invest in. Invested Interests was found in 2008 when successful fund manager Brandon Small realized investors looking for environmentally sound investments had to choose between online only solutions and expensive Wall Street firms.

Brandon Small

CEO. Invested Interests