It would be foolish to pretend that the world is the same as it was last month. We are simultaneously dealing with a pandemic/health crisis and a potential financial crisis. One of these issues alone would create challenges but dealing with both at the same time creates an added level
Humans are not rational investors While strategies like analyzing historical stock trends, technical analysis, and financial ratios help us make more informed decisions, the average investor still underperforms when compared to the market. According to research conducted by MagnifyMoney, most investors second guess their earlier decisions around investing.  People tend
What takes 5 minutes and will change your financial life? Setting up recurring investments. How can one little thing make such a big difference? Here are the basics of recurring investments and a comparison of investments saving accounts.   What are recurring investments? Recurring investments are just what they sound like:
Impact Investing refers to investments “made into companies with the intention to generate a measurable, beneficial, social or environmental impact alongside a financial return.” There are two primary reasons that you might choose Impact Investing. One, you are conscious about how your money impacts the world, and two, you want
There’s a fundamental issue with investing in America: Your money might support companies that harm people and the planet, and you probably don’t even realize it.  When we buy products, say for example a smartphone — we’re essentially giving that company a ‘thumbs up’ in approval. We’re saying, ‘Hey, I
What if, right now, you could invest your dollars in only companies that aligned with your values? We believe you should be able to do that, which is why we started Invested Interests. You have more control than you think. It’s time to start pairing your morals with your investments.