Our Socially Responsible Investment Portfolios

At Invested Interests, our mission is two-fold. First, we’re here to help our clients invest in social causes that matter to them. Second, in addition to the social and environmental impact our investment portfolios focus on, we understand that financial returns are just as important to those interested in impact investing.

Through an abundance of thorough research, we’ve put together four impactful and thoughtful investment portfolios based on current societal issues and trends.  We’ve hand-selected publicly-traded businesses and entities that not only further these social missions but are also poised to grow and succeed.

Environment Portfolio

Nothing ties us together quite like the environment surrounding us. It is, quite simply, the only thing that affects every single human on our planet. The protection and sustainability of our environment reach far beyond the borders of our forests and oceans to affect business and industry trends. Climate change, for example, is significantly impacting both business and life as we know it.

Made up of a variety of known environmentally conscious companies, our environmental portfolio incorporates those willing to rethink the status quo, addressing their long-term environmental impacts, and choosing to operate on an eco-first and eco-friendly basis.

Human Rights & Diversity Portfolio

Our human rights & diversity portfolio addresses issues like companies that take advantage of sweatshops and unjust labor and avoids companies that profit off governments that suppress free speech. One impact example is the divestment in Sudan Darfur. Also, this portfolio is made up of companies working to create a culture of inclusion, new ideas, and foster strength in their team through inclusive policies.  Whether by broadening their board of directors or establishing human resources policies of inclusion and support, these companies are taking the right steps to fair and ethical treatment of employees.

Peace Portfolio

Our peace portfolio is the one that started it all for Invested Interests. The companies in our peace portfolio play a positive role in furthering peace on our place and limiting conflict. This includes investing in conflict resolution and international relief efforts and avoiding gun manufacturers and companies that partner with oppressive regimes.

At Invested Interests, we believe that diverse workplaces are indicative of healthy corporate cultures.  We’re proud to invest in companies that aim to support gender and racially-diverse individuals throughout their company.

Questions about our four socially responsible investment portfolios?  Ready to get started with no minimum investment? Reach out to us @ info@investedinterests.com