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Keeping Racial Justice a Priority in 2021 and Beyond

Over the last year, the Black Lives Matter movement has been in headlines everywhere. The progress we’ve made collectively is a step in the right direction, but we still have a long way to go. How can we ensure that racial justice remains a priority?

Keep The Conversation Going

This year we’ve talked about Accountability in Finance and Politics, Voting with Your Wallet for Human Rights and Diversity, Investing in Diversity, systemic racism in housing and personal finance, the Federal Reserve’s Racism and the Economy event series, the importance of pay equity, environmental racism, and more

These conversations are just the start.

There is so much more to discuss. How can we talk to our kids about race? Speak up publically? Be better allies? Fight microaggressions

And, there are so many brilliant voices to listen to. Angela Davis, Ta Nehisi Coates, Ibram X. Kendi, and so many more activists are speaking out against injustice every day. 

We need to keep the conversation going. We need to keep listening. And, we need to take meaningful actions towards an anti-racist future. 

Fight for Substantial Change

Racial Justice means equal and fair treatment for people of all races. 

For us, the fight for racial justice means committing to equitable policies that prioritize the humanity of all people. What does that look like? For our country? For companies? For individuals?

At every level, a commitment to anti-racism is an ongoing practice. There is no one-time solution or policy. 

At a federal level, a commitment to racial justice could mean creating a cabinet seat for racial equity, raising the minimum wage, discussing reparations, or all of the above

At a company level, that commitment could mean changing discriminatory dress code policies or creating anti-racism initiatives. 

For each of us, these commitments look a little different. For a parent, it might include teaching your children about racial justice. For a student, it might mean reading more from anti-racist activists. What remains the same is our commitment to a better future for all people.

Finally, make sure your investments aren’t working against all your endeavors for racial justice. Switching to socially responsible investing can help ensure that your finances are working towards a better future. Reach out our team today to learn more about investing in your values.