All About Investment Portfolios

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What is an investment portfolio?

An investment portfolio is a compilation of investment opportunities usually managed by an investment advisor and focused on a specific theme. Portfolios are sometimes likened to a basket that holds a variety of assets, including stocks, bonds, cash, and more. 

You can manage your portfolio yourself or hire a company to do so. Hiring a financial advisor to build and manage your portfolio has many benefits. A good advisor is knowledgeable about your financial options and can help tailor your portfolio to your specific goals. 

Why opt for a portfolio?

Investment portfolios help balance financial security and potential. By investing across a diverse range of assets, your finances will better weather the ups and downs of the market. And, by investing, you can increase the potential wealth growth significantly more than by simply placing your money in a bank account. 

In addition, a portfolio managed by an investment firm can give you even more options and security. Having a financial advisor means more options and knowledge to build your portfolio specifically for you. A good investment firm understands the market and can help you build a strong portfolio focused on your individual goals. 

How do I choose the right portfolio?

The most important part of choosing a portfolio is making sure it reflects your financial goals. As ethical investors, our financial goals generally include supporting our community and investing in our values.

Looking at investment portfolios can be overwhelming. We recommend looking for a portfolio that aligns with your areas of interest. If you’re passionate about inclusion and equity, check out a portfolio focused on human rights and diversity

What portfolios does II have? 

Invested Interests portfolios focused on the environment & sustainability, human rights & diversity, and peace. We realize that everyone’s financial goals and values are different. At Invested Interests, our financial advisor will help build your unique portfolio. 

Not sure where to start, check out our overview of socially responsible investment portfolios. If you’re looking to start your investing journey or have questions about investing with us, give us a call or send us an email. We’re happy to help you out.