Your money is working for you. What is it doing for the world?

What if, right now, you could invest your dollars in only companies that aligned with your values? We believe you should be able to do that, which is why we started Invested Interests. You have more control than you think. It’s time to start pairing your morals with your investments.

But for this to happen, we need a paradigm shift. The financial industry needs to provide radical transparency into the investment options they offer. It’s the only way investors can decide what’s best for their future, society at large, and the planet.

The largest and most popular types of investments in the US right now are mutual funds and ETFs–essentially baskets of securities that typically tout strategy, not individual holdings. So it’s not surprising that people who would never support big oil, tobacco, or weapons manufacturing find themselves invested in these industries. This is the moment to turn our good intentions into action. If you do not want to live in a polluted world, then do not invest in companies that pollute. Even if just one of the holdings in your ETF or mutual fund doesn’t align with your values, you’ve got a moral dilemma. 

My question to you: If you really knew where your money was going and the impact it was having, would you make more intentional investing decisions?

For us, transparency and accountability are necessary for building an investment option that drives performance along with purpose. The companies in the mutual funds we work with have to undergo a careful screening process.  

You can learn more about the socially responsible funds we work with, our personalized portfolios HERE. You can also learn more about the companies in the funds we work within their respective websites. Let us help you achieve your investment goals while #InvestingInWhatMatters to you.