Invest in peace. Divest from guns and war.

Companies can play a positive role in promoting peace and limiting conflict around the world. Our Peace portfolio invests in companies that don’t support governments or regimes promoting violence and avoids companies directly involved in armed conflicts.

Your Investments


-Companies promoting conflict resolution

-Companies promoting international relief efforts

-Companies with no regime affiliations


-Guns and weapons dealers and manufacturers

-Companies working with regimes in armed conflict

-Companies with military contracts and war profiteering

Companies Included in the Peace Portfolio

Real World Impact

Led by the Sudan Divestment Task Force, universities, endowments, and individual investors divested from companies supporting the Sudan regime accused of genocide against its own people in the Darfur region.

We worked with the Task Force to make their targeted divestment list into a portfolio for investors. Divesting in specific companies had a significant impact on the region. And while human rights in Sudan remains a pressing issues, progress has been made since 2008.

Read more about the Sudan divestment campaign in the news.

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