Impact Investing

Invest with Your Values


Impact Investing - aka Socially Responsible Investing - is an investment strategy that considers both financial returns and social responsibility. Let's say you want to invest for your retirement, but you also care about supporting the #MeToo movement. We'd build you an investment portfolio that highlights companies with gender-diverse boards and workforces and avoid companies that have a history of diversity-related controversies, like sexual harassment. This portfolio would generate returns for your retirement without sacrificing your desire to support women's rights initiatives.
That's just one example.

Our socially responsible investment portfolios screen for a variety of topics including environmental and human rights issues, to ensure your investments are socially responsible and financially smart.

Our Portfolios

We've created four portfolios of well-known, publicly-traded companies
focused on the following values and poised for growth in their industries.


Go green by investing in environmental and sustainability efforts. Think alternative energy, companies investing in climate change, and avoiding fossil fuels.
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Promote peace, invest in conflict resolution, and avoid armed conflicts. Think avoiding regions of conflict and gun manufacturers.
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Equality & Diversity

Support gender and racial diversity. Invest in companies that embrace diversity initiatives, have women on corporate boards, and support the #MeToo movement.
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Human Rights

Investing in companies promoting human rights and equality globally. Think Sudan Darfur and avoiding sweatshops.
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There are over 400 mutual funds available that focus on socially responsible investing, which can be overwhelming. That's where we come in. Our job is to identify which fund is right for you based on your financial goals and the issues you care about.

We've worked with these funds for years, so we understand what each fund has to offer and can customize a portfolio to match your needs. Our expertise ensures that you'll never to have to compromise your values to be a successful investor.

Impact Investing: It’s not just the right thing to do.
It’s the smart thing to do.

We believe good investments and good companies are not exclusive of one another. They go hand-in-hand.
Research shows that social responsibility funds have done better in the last 20 years than traditional investment funds.


First, because it's a smart investment. Second, because that's how change happens. The most effective way to get corporations to make change is to move your money away from the bad actors and into the hands of companies that are doing the right thing.

For now.

For the future.