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1. What social issues are available?

Invested Interests has access to investment research on over 18 social issues. Examples include Shareholder Advocacy, Community Impact Investments, Employee Relations, Environment, Product Safety, Corporate Governance, Military Contracting, Alcohol, Nuclear Power, Tobacco, Gambling, Animal Testing, Repressive Regimes.

2. What services do you offer?

We provide investment advice and planning to clients like you. All of our investment services incorporate social issues. Our services range from selection of mutual funds to planning for retirement and college expenses. Our advisors have years of experience and are qualified and licensed to offer financial advice.

3. What socially responsible screens does Invested Interests offer?

We have 18 social responsibility screens: environment, abortion, adult entertainment, alcohol, animal testing, BP, corporate governance, defense, gambling, human rights practices, labor relations, minority diversity, involvement in nuclear power, discriminatory sexual orientation practices, have business ties to the Sudan, ties to terrorism, tobacco and weapons. If you think a large number of users would be interested in a new screen, email us with your suggestion. We will consider building it in the future.

4. How does socially responsible investing work?

Socially responsible investing relates to various strategies that share the common goal of incorporating social issues in the selection of investments and the attempt to affect change through those investments. Negative screening refers to the method of screening out companies that do not pass a test for a specific social issue(s). Positive screening refers to making investments in companies/industries/etc. that pass a test for a specific social issue(s). Activist investment refers to making investments to gain ownership/voting rights to affect change.

5. Is performance affected?

There exists an unfortunate misconception that performance is negatively affected when social issues are incorporated into the investment making process. Common sense and research have proven that socially responsible investing does not negatively affect performance. As investors and consumers become increasingly aware of companies and their positions/results on social issues, financial performance and investment return will follow.

6. Isn't divestment something that pension funds and large institutions do?

In the past, divestment was an act in which only large institutions could engage. We're democratizing divestment and giving individuals the ability to have their investments reflect their values. You worked hard for your money. It shouldn't be used to support companies that are antithetical to your values.

7. Can I invest my retirement account?

Yes. All investment accounts can be transferred or opened at Invested Interests. These include IRA, 401k, 403b, UTMA, Individual, and many more.

8. What fees do I pay?

Invested Interests is an investment advisor. We do not charge transaction fees or commissions. Our fee is simply a % based on the size of the account. Traditionally, advisor fees are offered on large accounts. However, Invested Interests does not have a minimum investment. Please contact us for more information about our fees.

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