Invest in sustainability and renewables. Divest from fossil fuels.

Climate change impacts everyone in the world. So do the environmental policies of companies. Our Environment portfolio invests in green companies, alternative and renewable energy companies, and companies promoting sustainability. It avoids oil and fossil fuel companies, companies that aren’t eco-friendly, and nuclear power companies.

Your Investments


-Alternative and renewable energy, like solar and wind

-Companies promoting sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint

-Companies making efforts to green and be eco-friendly


-Oil and fossil fuel companies

-Nuclear power companies and companies creating nuclear waste

-Companies destroying natural resources

Companies Included in Environment Portfolio

Real World Impact

A recent report from the United Nations reiterated the dangers of climate change. It’s the defining problem of this century, and where there’s a massive problem there’s also a massive business opportunity.

Electric cars are cheaper to own than gas-powered vehicles. Wind and solar energy is already cheaper than fossil fuels. By investing in companies promoting sustainability and green solutions, you’re not just doing the right thing – you’re doing the smart thing.

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