Equality & Diversity


Invest in gender and racial diversity.

Diverse workforces are indicators of healthy corporate cultures and great companies. Our Diversity & Equality portfolio invests in companies with diverse boards and workforces, companies that offer equal pay for equal work, and companies with sexual harassment training programs. It avoids companies with a history of sanctions and diversity-related controversies, like sexual harassment.

Your Investments


-Companies with diverse boards and diverse senior leadership teams

-Companies that promote women’s rights and equal rights, like the #MeToo movement or LGBTQ movement

-Companies that have implemented sexual harassment training at all levels


-Companies with little or no diversity on the board of directors

-Companies with little or no workplace diversity

-Companies with a history of regulatory sanctions

-Companies that have had diversity-related controversies, like sexual harassment or racism

Companies Included in Equality & Diversity Portfolio

Real World Impact

Companies that promote diversity and equality are more open to new ideas and perspectives and are usually more merit based. By creating a work environment that rewards the best ideas, companies improve their overall performance.

Companies with more women on the board of directors and in senior management roles outperform companies with a lower percentage of women in these roles. There is also research to show that companies that are more racially diverse outperform similar companies that lack racial diversity. We invest in companies that promote diversity because it’s the right thing to do and it’s good for business.

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